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LITHOGRAPHY PROJECT | a Kala Parent Artist award + Printmaking Residency

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4 color lithograph edition: "The Gray of Full Day no1", fog in the Oakland hills, ink matching, 2018 

Beginning this spring I had the great fortune to start an ambitious lithography project. While my residency period has come to a close, there is still so much more I plan to continue in the future. With a little luck and a lot of wiggling, I will return to the Kala Art Institute to conclude a suite of prints with a few larger stand alone pieces. 


With the dedicated time and access to Kala's vast facilities, I was able to knock the rust off my press skills and test out some newer concepts & image making processes. I certainly had the wind knocked out of my sails - making me rethink, re-strategize, and face the truth of what I truly wanted to accomplish in traditional printmaking. After weeks of testing, printing, and drawing I've arrived at the exact right-for-me place and  resolved a collection of wash drawn images in lithography & a few multi-color editions. I am extremely excited to have worked everything out. Now jumping onto the press will be a smoother transition going forward. A dream after stopping for so long with multiple pregnancies and young children these past years.  An extra bonus was working out a way to continue printing in my home studio for the months in between! I feel like I won big, really big!


stack of Kala residency lithographs, 2018.  | tusche wash on litho surface. 


"gray fo full day no1" (detail) 5 color lithograph on paper, 2018. | video of printing "gray of full day no2", 2018. 

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