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In Terms of

Black and Blue

In Terms of Black and Blue 4, Raw Pigment and Wax on Panel, 24 x 36 in, 2008 - Karen Gallagher Iverson

Encaustic, Drawing & Pochoir 

Raw Pigment and Wax on Panel. 2004-2010


The physical and observable evidence of damage to the body represented through the sensual and seductive undulation of brocade patterning. 


This series is an investigation in scars & bruises as a fading or a permanent record of an action or event that is intense enough to cause a stain upon the body. Simultaneously they embrace the idea of pressure in writing, and all mark making, as an occurrence capturing thought and its incident leaving a residual blemish that records the moment.

In these Bruise Works, skin coloring is layered through floral patterns, implying the fragile detail of our physical bodies, built up in delicate layers of line work in fine dustings of pigment.

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