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California Fallacy

Still Born 5 (detail). Color and black & white lithographs on Japanese tissue paper, wax, thread. 2001-2005 - Karen Gallagher Iverson

Colored pastel on wax, 2017

A continuation of the Untitled California landscapes, the Fallacy series are a deeper exploration into the use of visual elements and strategic compositions highlighting quandaries in fallacious arguments and the assumptions we apply to visual information. The Golden Mean works repeat certain florid motifs and palette choices down the vertical of each diptych as a compositional arch is defined, while the Continuum pieces play with continuous horizons that meet occasionally, but not predictably. The Gray Fallacy are a series of 6 diptychs that show the same vista at varying degrees of depth, intended to show together as sister works yet to live apart, cut off from each other.

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